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  1. Nerys Corfield, Injection Consulting

    The Future for Contact Centres – Insights from Nerys Corfield of Injection Consulting

    We asked Nerys Corfield of Injection Consulting, a leading thinker on the future of UK Contact Centres, to give her own insights on some of the burning issues right now:
    The biggest issues affecting Contact Centres in 2019;
    The in-house versus Outsource conundrum;
    What clients are failing to address when they choose a Contact Centre;
    How Contact Centres can truly improve their performance.

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  2. The CCP Network – Helping SoccerAid for Unicef 2019

    Unicef UK needs call centres and volunteers on the night to help manage incoming donations from supporters by telephone, so The Contact Centre Panel are going to help. In 2018 there were almost 10,000 telephone donations made on the night. This is Unicef UK's most vital source of income and will help us to raise millions of pounds to help keep even more children safe from danger in 2019.

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  3. B2B Contact Centes

    B2B versus B2C – How is Business to Business Contact different to Business to Consumer?

    We consider the differences – and the similarities – between B2B Contact and B2C Contact to establish how B2B specialist Contact Centres can add value to the right business relationships.

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  4. CCP Speaking at the UKCCF Event “Outsourcing – The Landscape and Best Practise” on 12th February 2019. Register Now.

    The Contact Centre Panel's Phil Kitchen will be speaking at UKCCF's event "Outsourcing - The Landscape and Best Practise" on 12th February in Bracknell. Register now for this important event.

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  5. GDPR Compliance Checklist - How is your Contact Cenre doing?

    GDPR – What’s Happened So Far?

    GDPR has been the biggest new change in data regulation to hit the industry… So, what has the impact been on outbound Contact Centres? We talk to industry insiders for an honest view.

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  6. That’s the progress that has been made against the target for rolling out second generation smart meters (“SMETS2”) as highlighted in a damning NAO report this morning ( By Steven Sullivan -Channel Doctors.

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