We have developed a staged client engagement approach, to help match clients with the right outsource contact centre partners and technology providers, improve onboarding and enable Contact Centre Panel to forge strong partnerships between clients and outsource partners.

The first step is the Scoping¬†phase, which is where we identify a client’s requirements. This is followed by Partner Match, which is where we map those requirements to the capabilities within our network; to form a shortlist from which clients will select their preferred supplier. The final stage is Support, this includes the on-boarding process and ongoing management of the client and partner relations.

Our client engagement approach illustrates why we are more than just a broker, offering additional value and expertise to support success.

Step 1


Evaluating your requirements, helping build a business case and producing a brief.



We work with you to understand your business requirements and the challenges your business is facing.

Business Case

We help you to build a business case, including performance benchmarking and cost analysis.


We write your outsource partner brief or assist/integrate into your RFP/RFI process.
Step 2

Partner Match

Matching your requirements to our network and helping with partner selection.


Matching relevant outsourcers

We compare your requirements with the capabilities of our network of outsourcers, using our Radius network comparison tool and market knowledge, to find the most appropriate matches.

Sharing your brief

We create a prospective outsource panel of companies for your consideration and then share your brief/RFP for tender.

Choosing a partner

Those selected provide a proposal and presentation, detailing how they can deliver a suitable solution. We help run this process and, using our scoring matrix, select the right partner.
Step 3


Assisting with the onboarding process and supporting ongoing partner performance.



We help set your commercials and SLAs, then provide ongoing monitoring and management. We review partner staffing and forecast resourcing requirements.


We help to build your partner communications framework, including review meeting format and frequency. We provide regular management information and insights.


We provide ongoing strategical direction to ensure the highest standards of performance are maintained, this includes identifying, measuring and mitigating risk. Which is achieved via regular auditing and reviews.

Continual improvement

We help set up and implement controls to ensure continual improvement, this includes cultural reinforcements, process and communications and change management.
Client’s pay no fees for our standard sourcing service. If enhanced support or consultancy is required then fees may apply.

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