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Finding the right technology solution for your business can be tricky. The range of technologies available to the contact centre industry is vast and continually growing, with new entrants to the market, evolving solutions and everchanging consumer channels only adding to the options and challenges.

Technology providers vary, from your traditional established hardware and software vendors through to smaller emerging niche solution providers – each offering, and often compelling, view on why their solution will benefit your business over their rivals. This can cause confusion when you are unsure what good looks like.

Without having a clear view of what is available and an understanding of the benefits of each solution, you can quite easily make the wrong decision, which can prove costly for your business.

‘We use our expertise and experience to select and partner with the leading contact centre technology solution providers.’

The strength of our network

To help clients choose the right technology solutions for their business we have built a comprehensive, vetted network of technology providers with tailored contact centre solutions, able to deliver everything from a point solution to a comprehensive end-to-end technology stack.

We use our expertise and experience to select and partner with the leading contact centre technology solution providers. Regularly reviewing the market and introducing new providers to our network when required.

Our independent approach means that we can provide an objective recommendation on which technology partners, from our network and beyond, are best placed to deliver the right solution for your business.

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How we work

We use our operational experience and industry technology expertise to help define your objectives and build a business case. We then prepare a supplier specification, which is used to match your requirements against our technology partner offerings. We evaluate solutions to ensure that they meet the required compliance standards and make sure the appropriate governance is in place to support successful implementation and ongoing stakeholder management.

We can review your existing providers and help develop a transitional roadmap that meets your immediate and future requirements. Plus, we can use our network of contact centre partners to support with contingency planning, providing project resources or additional contact centre agents, if needed, during the transition.

The breadth of our contact centre network gives us visibility of emerging technologies and customer service trends, as a result, we can recommend the latest and most appropriate solutions to match your specific requirements. This enables us to validate the proposed benefits and glide paths that will be needed to support your business case.

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Why work with Contact Centre Panel

At Contact Centre Panel, we use our industry knowledge and understanding of contact centre technologies to analyse your specific needs before providing recommendations on the most appropriate technology solutions for your business.

Forging partnerships that last

Forging strong partnerships is our goal, so we provide ongoing support to both clients and network members throughout their contract.

Unless asked by the client, we don’t step on the outsourcers toes. Dependent upon the client this interaction can be light or heavy touch and can include regular reviews of service delivery standards, with recommendations on improvements when necessary. We act as an intermediary, resolving disputes and provide additional support, if required, to maintain harmonious working relationships and successful service delivery.

We help clients provision many different technology solutions including:

  • Automation
  • Call recording
  • Core inbound telephony
  • CRM
  • Dialler
  • Desktop integration
  • e-mail
  • Knowledge management solutions
  • Full omnichannel solutions
  • Interactive Voice Response (IVR)
  • Management Information (MI) applications
  • PCI compliant payment solutions
  • Planning software
  • Speech analytics
  • SMS
  • Social media
  • Survey applications
  • Web chat

The strength of our technology network enables us to match you with the perfect partner, giving you confidence that the technology solution you choose will be right for your business.

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