Customer service

Running an internal customer service contact centre, without outsourced support, is not straight forward. Forecasting customer demand and flexing resources is an art and can be difficult for organisations that have changing needs.

Balancing your service requirements and managing resources is a challenge, with several factors potentially impacting delivery including:

  • New product or service launches
  • Business growth or retraction
  • Seasonal fluctuations
  • Agent attrition
  • Digital transformation
  • Changes to regulations and compliance
  • Internal process changes
  • Disaster recovery

Financial pressures

Delivering and maintaining a high level of customer service at the lowest possible cost is one of the biggest challenges. Often driven by financial pressures, finding cost efficiencies within service delivery, without affecting customer satisfaction and increasing attrition, can be hard.

Changes in interaction

Traditional forms of communication have been challenged in recent years, with the advent of social media and innovative contact channels such as WhatsApp and Messenger.

Consumers, particularly millennials, are starting to put pressure on businesses to provide customer service support across these channels. This creates opportunities, such as cost efficiencies and improved interaction, and challenges, when it comes to integration and load balancing with traditional communication methods, such as voice and email.

‘Outsourcing is a great way to introduce new communication channels, Automation and AI, without taking on considerable capital expenditure and risk.‘

Automation and AI

The introduction of Automation and AI enables first-line enquiries to be handled more efficiently, reducing agent headcount and allowing higher priority cases or sales enquiries to be routed to the most appropriate agents.

Implementing and maintaining Automation and AI can be difficult and costly if you have the limited in-house expertise or have chosen the wrong technology partner to work with.

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‘We are different from a broker, as our service does not stop once we’ve helped match a partner. Forging strong partnerships is our goal, so we provide ongoing support throughout the contract.’

Consider outsourcing

Outsourcing part or all of your customer contact requirements could be the answer. It can give your business the flexibility it requires to deliver a consistently professional and efficient service. Having access to additional agents, when required, means you can easily ramp services up or down without exposing your business to additional overheads such as:

  • Increases to office space
  • Ramp project costs
  • Desk and system requirements
  • Software licensing costs
  • Recruitment and training
  • Consultation and resizing post peak

Outsourcing is a great way to introduce new communication channels, Automation and AI into your business, without taking on considerable capital expenditure and risk. Many of our contact centre partners use the latest customer service and sales technologies to help them to deliver the very best customer experiences, saving their clients the hassle and costs of implementing and managing their platforms.

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How we help

Identifying and onboarding the right outsourced contact centre or technology provider can be tricky. Particularly, if you do not have experience in outsourcing and full visibility of the market.

We help businesses to find and onboard the right outsource partner for their needs. We use our extensive industry experience and our comprehensive network of 160+ market-leading contact centres to help companies achieve success. This is delivered at no cost to clients.

Each member of our network has been fully vetted against our rigorous scoring matrix. If they do not match our exacting standards, then they cannot join. This ensures that our clients are then matched with the very best service providers.

We regularly review our network, monitoring members to make sure they are maintaining the required standards and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences.

More than just a broker

We are different from a broker, as our service does not stop once we’ve helped match a partner.

After selection, we support the onboarding process, using our high levels of expertise to ensure smooth setup and delivery. We use a detailed structured approach, Contact Centre Panel 4Cs, to help guide both clients and partners through this process, which includes a review of commercials, communications, controls and setting up continuous improvement measures.

Forging strong partnerships is our goal, so we provide ongoing support to both clients and partners throughout their contract. This includes the regular review of service delivery standards and recommendations for improvement where necessary, we also help resolve any disputes and provide additional support, if required, to maintain harmonious working relationships and successful service delivery.

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