Customer insight

Improving service and sales delivery or maintaining high standards and ROI, is difficult when you don’t have access to the right customer and campaign insight. Knowing how and what data and management information is needed is the first challenge, and understanding how to fully utilise it to improve operations is the second.

To gain true insight takes skill and Industry knowledge; you need to be able to objectively distil information, and draw out trends and actionable measures. If done properly it can enable your business to improve areas such as:

  • Customer experience
  • Channel implementation
  • Business performance (appointment setting, sales etc)
  • Operational efficiency

Organisations that maximise the value of their customer and industry insight can gain significant competitor advantage. Whether it be through measuring market changes, understanding buyer behaviour or mapping client interactions, this information can be used to help develop new or existing products or services, improve interaction and sales and increase client retention.

‘If you don’t have marketing insight, then your awareness of new innovative ways of working decreases, which may impact negatively on your business, as your competitors steal an advantage.’

How we help

We use our in-depth industry knowledge to help businesses to gain more from customer insights, advising on the types of data to collect, how to capture this information whilst remaining GDPR compliant and how best to use it to maximise the benefits to their organisation.

Our service gives companies a fresh perspective, using our wide exposure and experience of customer service and sales operations to enable us to provide informed analysis and effective recommendations. We ask questions, which may not have been considered internally, to identify any areas of analysis that are missing and unearth new layers of insight, which could be beneficial to your business. The knowledge we’ve gained from working with a range of different businesses across many sectors, means we can provide guidance on best practice and operational and digital transformation.

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‘Using our industry experience, we’re able to validate assumptions, carry out comprehensive evaluations and produce effective improvement plans that deliver results.’

Why work with Contact Centre Panel?

We understand what motivates customer behaviours, using and interpreting data to provide insights on how to improve sales performance or customer retention. We look for ways to minimise customer contact using timely interventions, reducing the cost to serve and customer effort, which leads to lower customer churn rates, increased Net Promoter Scores and business growth.

When working with clients our primary goal is to create actionable insights. We don’t just provide interesting stats. Our Partnership team is skilled at managing and analysing data, and able to quickly identify areas that require attention or close monitoring.

Our customer insight analysis covers many areas, including:

  • Customer behaviour patterns
  • Customer demographics
  • Calling times for outbound campaigns
  • Resolution times
  • Cost per sale, transaction and resolution
  • Agent efficiency
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More than just a broker

We work with a large number of customer service operators, clients and partners, giving us complete perspective and visibility of the market.  We can see when trends start to emerge and when innovations are adopted.  This insight enables us to provide clients with accurate benchmarking statistics and advise on appropriate improvement initiatives.

Struggling to access the right customer data? Need help with data analysis and making the most of your information?

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