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Finding the right outsource contact centre partner to match your requirements can be tricky. The reputation of the outsource contact centre industry, has at times, been tarnished by providers who’ve made promises to clients they couldn’t deliver on – often overselling their capabilities or industry experience. This has created a level of mistrust within the business community, which even professional operators can struggle to differentiate themselves from.

With this in mind, Contact Centre Panel was setup to build and promote a best-of-breed network of contact centres, call centres and telemarketing agencies. Helping to skillfully match, using our extensive knowledge and network aggregator tool ‘Radius’, clients with the right service providers and then work closely with them, using our in-depth industry experience and expertise, to help forge strong long-lasting relationships.

‘The strength of our service and network is illustrated by our 88% client to partner retention rate.’

The power of the Network

Since forming, we’ve built a formidable network of contact centres, call centres, telemarketing agencies and technology providers.

Each member of our network has been fully assessed, by independent industry experts against our rigorous partner scoring matrix – using a series of defined stages, a detailed questionnaire, regular update sessions and site visits. If they don’t match our exacting standards, they cannot join. This ensures that our clients are matched with the very best, fully compliant service providers, either in the UK, near or offshore.

We regularly review the Contact Centre Panel network, monitoring members to make sure they’re maintaining the required standards and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences.

The strength and range of the Contact Centre Panel Network, with operators covering multiple sectors, disciplines, languages and geographic regions, attracts many different types of clients, ranging from large multinationals to smaller SMEs. They trust Contact Centre Panel to provide the level of support and guidance, based on our experience and expertise, they need to succeed. Our matching service is free to clients, increasing its attractiveness.

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Contact Centre Panel Network capability

Contact Centre Panel Network capabilities are far reaching and match against the most niche requirements. These include:

  • UK, off-shore and in-shore based operations
  • BPOs
  • Multi-lingual
  • Multi-channel communications
  • Inbound and outbound
  • Business-to-business and business-to-consumer
  • Demand generation and sales
  • Debt and credit management
  • Customer insight
  • Digital Transformation
  • Contact centre technology

More than just a broker

We are different from a broker, as our service does not stop once we’ve helped to match a partner with a client.

After selection, we support the onboarding or transition process, using our high levels of expertise to ensure smooth setup and delivery. We use a detailed structured approach to help guide both network partners and clients through this process, this includes a review of commercials, communications, controls and setting up continual improvement measures.

Forging partnerships that last

Forging strong partnerships is our goal, so we provide ongoing support to both clients and network members throughout their contracts.

Unless asked by the client, we don’t step on the outsourcers toes. Dependent upon the client this interaction can be light or heavy touch and can include regular reviews of service delivery standards, with recommendations on improvements when necessary. We act as an intermediary, resolving disputes and provide additional support, if required, to maintain harmonious working relationships and successful service delivery.

How much does it cost?

There is no charge for clients to use our services, but we do charge our network members a small introductory fee for each opportunity they accept and ongoing commission on won business. These rates are the same level for all members, there is no favoritism or commercial advantage.

All commercial negotiation, set up and operational management sits with the client and their chosen outsource partner. Contact Centre Panel encourages interaction between client and network members as the process of selection takes place, we do not act as a blocker.

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