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The effective use of data and data analytics has become integral to the success of most modern organisations. Gaining the most value from the information you hold has become increasingly important, while sourcing good data from credible data providers has become harder.

As the commercial value of personal data has risen, so has consumer and business awareness of the importance of collecting and using data legally and appropriately.

The EU’s General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) and the 2018 Data Protection Act, which enshrined the GDPR’s requirements in UK law, has made consumers more conscious of their rights and reiterated the responsibilities of businesses to handle and use data correctly. Organisations who fail to abide by the rules are liable to receive considerable fines, restrictions on business operations and harmful reputational damage.

‘We’ve built a best-of-breed network of data providers, by using our inhouse data and compliance expertise to review all the major UK data providers.’

Third Party Data

These challenges are amplified when organisations use third-party data – from partners, data providers or brokers – to support their customer acquisition efforts. The risks involved in identifying and using external data sources are considerable and the Information Commissioner’s Office (ICO) has made the due diligence of data suppliers a fundamental responsibility for business operators.

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‘Having an effective and coherent affinity partnership strategy can play a huge part in helping your business achieve its objectives.’

Data Provider Network

Finding the right data provider for your business, who can meet your specific requirements, is difficult. It is not only a matter of sourcing the best quality data, but also making sure it is safe to use. With a large variety of providers available, it is tricky to know where to go.  If you fail to put in the necessary due diligence, then it could put your business at risk.

With this in mind, we have built a best-of-breed network of data providers. To achieve this, we have reviewed, using our in-house data and compliance expertise, all the major UK data providers, carrying out extensive due diligence to produce a ‘red-amber-green’ risk assessment of their legal, financial and compliance status.

Data providers within our network:

  • Have been fully assessed and vetted for overall suitability
  • Had their financial, legal and compliance status checked
  • Can supply business and consumer data
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Data partnerships and affinities

Whether you are looking to develop your brand, enhance your propositions, reach new and profitable routes to market or deliver your Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) agenda, having an effective and coherent affinity partnership strategy can play a huge part in helping your business achieve its objectives.

The key to all effective partnerships, strategic or tactical, is found in the energy invested in the planning stage. To achieve success, you must have the following building blocks in place:

  • Well defined plan with clear aims and objectives
  • Compelling proposition
  • An understanding of all potential constraints and how to counter them

At Contact Centre Panel, we take a bespoke client-focused approach to each affinity partnership we build for our clients. We create a comprehensive brief ensuring clarity of purpose from the outset, then facilitate and support the partner selection and recruitment process. Once onboarded, we support campaign delivery, analyse and relationship management.

We have over 20 years experience in designing, building and delivering successful affinity partnerships, this means we can help clients to create and deliver effective strategies that enable them to achieve their goals and exceed the expectations of their customers.

More than just a broker

We have made the sourcing of a data provider far simpler, saving you time and money. We are more than just a broker, using our deep understanding of data compliance and our experience of working with a wide range of clients, partners and data providers to build a working methodology that delivers success. Our evaluation processes provide an auditable framework to assess and evidence the compliance status of either your current or potential data providers, enabling us to deliver both commercial guidance and de-risking of your business.

Our expert advice and guidance is completely independent. We offer total transparency and evidence all our findings, giving you the confidence to know you are receiving the best data solution available.

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