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Running a business development team can be costly if they fail to deliver results. Whilst reaching and maintaining a high level of customer engagement and exposure should be a top priority, it can be difficult to achieve, particularly if you are struggling to generate good leads and appointments for your team.

Measuring success

When it comes to lead and appointment generation, it is essential that you identify your customer’s reasons for engagement and their purchasing drivers. If defined properly they will shape your routes to market, client engagement channels, marketing campaigns and client conversations. This will help your business to generate the types of leads and appointments it needs.

Changing market conditions

For many businesses lead generation and appointment setting requirements can vary through the year, brought on by:

  • Seasonal demand variations
  • New product or service launches
  • Rapid growth or retraction
  • New business development resource support
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‘Our telemarketing partners offer flexible lead and appointment generation resources, able to ramp up support when needed, enabling your business to minimised recruitment and technology costs.’

The benefits of outsourcing

It makes the management of dedicated internal lead and appointment generation teams difficult, with demand fluctuations continuously affecting staff resourcing requirements, leading to increased resourcing costs and the waste of management time.

Outsourcing this element of your sales function can have many benefits including:

  • Access skilled agents with vertical knowledge
  • Easy to ramp up and down in-line with demand
  • Access to automated processes
  • Access to insight i.e. best call times
  • Reduced capital expenditure
    • Savings on wages and employee benefits
    • Recruitment costs
    • Reduced technology costs
    • GDPR compliant data availability
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How we help

Sourcing the right telemarketing agency to partner with can be tricky. Particularly, if you don’t have experience of outsourcing lead generation or appointment setting. It can also be difficult gaining full visibility of the marketplace and an understanding of the most suitable providers.

Contact Centre Panel helps businesses to find and onboard the perfect outsource partner for their needs. We use extensive industry experience and our comprehensive network of 160+ market-leading outsourcers to help companies achieve success. This is delivered at no cost to clients.

Our telemarketing partners offer flexible lead and appointment generation resources, able to ramp up support when needed, enabling your business to minimised recruitment and technology costs.

Each member of our network has been rigorously vetted, using a scoring matrix, profiling questionnaire and site visits. If they do not match our exacting standards, then they cannot join. This ensures that our clients are then matched with the very best service providers.

We regularly review our network, monitoring members to make sure they are maintaining the required standards and consistently delivering outstanding customer experiences.

More than just a broker

We are different from a broker, as our service does not stop once we have helped match a partner.

After selection, we support the onboarding process, using our high levels of expertise to ensure smooth setup and delivery. We use a detailed structured approach, Contact Centre Panel 4Cs, to help guide both clients and partners through this process, which includes a review of commercials, communications, controls and setting up continuous improvement measures.

Forging strong partnerships is our goal, so we provide ongoing support to both clients and partners throughout their contracts. This includes the regular review of service delivery standards and recommendations for improvement where necessary, we also help resolve any disputes and provide additional support, if required, to maintain harmonious working relationships and successful service delivery.

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