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  1. Contact Centre revolution Neville Doughty

    Contact Centre revolution? A vision of future working.

    For years we’ve been talking about how homeworking would bring opportunities and change how contact centres employ people and deliver service, creating flexibility for both people and organisations. It was a win-win and was coined as the great opportunity - yet it never really fulfilled its potential. However, due to the pandemic, in 2 weeks it has been delivered, but at what cost?

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  2. John Greenwood, CCP Technology and PCI Compliance

    Hidden dangers of homeworking – Make your contact centre really work from home

    As many businesses are forced into homeworking, the need for remote access to internal systems to enable home-based agents to provide a full service has never been higher. We asked John Greenwood, authority on payments compliance in the contact centre and BPO sector, what advice he would give to organisations with customer service teams to cope with the new pressures and his tips on how to rapidly build an improved operation for the future.

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  3. Customer service on the Board - Giving your customers a voice at the Boardroom table

    Customer service on the Board – Giving your customers a voice at the Boardroom table

    We ask what are the benefits of having a customer service representative on the Board? We have interviewed Ben Lappin, Director of Retention and Customer Experience at The Guardian and Chair of the DMA’s Contact Centre Council who tells us about The Guardian’s refreshing prioritisation of the customer and gives insights into how they engage with customers.

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  4. Coronavirus Dr Lisa Ackerley

    Coronavirus and crisis planning – Is your customer service safe?

    As the UK comes to terms with the likelihood that the new coronavirus, Covid19, is set to spread widely across the UK, it’s time to assess how your business will cope in the event of significant disruption.

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  5. Soccer Aid

    Contact Centre Panel supports Unicef and Soccer Aid 2020

    We’re delighted to announce that we have been asked, again, by Unicef to support their Soccer Aid 2020 event in June.

    Unicef needs call centres and volunteers on the night to help manage incoming donations from supporters by telephone, so Contact Centre Panel are going to help. In 2019 there were over 10,000 telephone donations made on the night. This is Unicef UK's most vital source of income and will help us to raise millions of pounds to help keep even more children safe from danger in 2020.

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  6. 2020 CCP Automotive Customer Service Survey

    Customer service in the automotive sector – new annual survey

    Contact Centre Panel have launched a new initiative, to identify and measure customer service trends in the automotive sector. The CCP Automotive Customer Service Survey canvases senior customer service executives from the industry, mapping their insights to form a cross market view of trends in customer service provision.

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