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  1. Finding the right people

    Finding the right people – avoiding the pitfalls of building and maintaining a contact centre team

    One of the biggest challenges for a business is attracting the best talent and then retaining them. In this article we investigate new innovative recruitment techniques and provide top tips on how to get hold of the right people for your organisation.

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  2. The Glassdoor Effect – coping with changing demand without disgruntling your customer service team

    Instant communication makes it possible for great experiences, opportunities and successes to be shared either in an instant. Unfortunately, the same applies to bad news, failures and terrible experiences. This is highlighted not only by Facebook and Instagram, but by employee/employer websites such as
    To avoid potential problems, how do you keep your employees happy when demands on your business might rise and fall significantly?

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  3. Contact Centre Panel help to search for the Top Customer Service Partnership 2019

    Customer service is top of the list when we’re working with our network of contact centres. Excellent customer service experiences are what sets our Network partners apart.
    Top Companies for Customer Service is the UK’s biggest customer service and benchmarking programme, so CCP are only too happy to help them to find and reward the very best companies out there.

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  4. Unicef Case Study – Are your outsourced contact centres Premier League? Ours are!

    At CCP it’s our job to match people who need outsourced Contact Centres to their perfect providers. Unicef approached us earlier this year to help with their high-profile Soccer Aid charity event and we were only too proud to help.

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  5. Robotics Revolution - impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    Robotics Revolution – the impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    In June 2018, we wrote ‘Rise of the Robots’, a short article which struck a chord with many people. Over a year later, we think it’s time to see whether the future we worried about is happening… yet, or at all.

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  6. Mobile phones

    Top 10 customer service failures by mobile phone operators

    Recent research shows that the big three mobile operators are falling short on customer service, in this article we highlight the top customer service complaints.

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