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  1. Disaster planning - is your business ready

    Disaster Planning – is your business prepared?

    According to thorough research, a combination of climate change and manmade modifications to the landscape mean that floods are increasingly likely to affect the UK in the future. As employers and employees, we therefore need to consider how our businesses will react to both ‘natural’ and ‘human driven’ disasters when they occur.

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  2. Black Friay is your customer service team ready

    Black Friday and Cyber Monday – is your customer service team ready?

    Black Friday falls on 29th November this year, so is your customer service provision geared up and ready for the sudden rise in demand?

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  3. Brexit and the effect on customer service

    Planning for Brexit – the impact on customer service provision

    How will UK based contact centres be affected by our potential departure of the EU? We take a look at how Brexit might affect the customer service industry in the UK, in the notable absence of much solid information on what's going to happen!

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  4. Customer service in the energy sector

    Customer service in the energy sector – The challenges of maintaining good customer service against a background of industry failures

    Since the energy supply sector became competitive, there has been an unending cycle of consolidation and failures as the largest players have sought cost savings and new entrants have miscalculated the demands of the industry. How do energy companies achieve good customer service results in such an embattled sector?

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  5. Finding the right people

    Finding the right people – avoiding the pitfalls of building and maintaining a contact centre team

    One of the biggest challenges for a business is attracting the best talent and then retaining them. In this article we investigate new innovative recruitment techniques and provide top tips on how to get hold of the right people for your organisation.

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  6. The Glassdoor Effect – coping with changing demand without disgruntling your customer service team

    Instant communication makes it possible for great experiences, opportunities and successes to be shared either in an instant. Unfortunately, the same applies to bad news, failures and terrible experiences. This is highlighted not only by Facebook and Instagram, but by employee/employer websites such as
    To avoid potential problems, how do you keep your employees happy when demands on your business might rise and fall significantly?

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