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People matter. We might even go as far as to say that they are our business’ greatest asset. It can be very easy to lose sight of this when trying to manage a business or team, with the daily pressure to deliver and management of the stress that this creates. Indeed, many companies do not invest enough in their staff’s wellbeing and over time this can become a problem, with increased absenteeism and high churn rates.

It is interesting to listen to the language of business and some of the common phrases used. There is talk of process efficiency, moving the dial, shifting the needle, inputs and outputs, metrics and targets. If we are talking about a machine then these words and phrases suit it perfectly, but an organisation and its people are more like a living organism and should be treated that way.

At Contact Centre Panel, we understand the importance of getting the most out of your staff and that the best customer service operations often have the happiest workers. This is not achieved by measuring every element of delivery, with a goal of achieving green metrics. It comes from creating a brilliantly engaged workforce, who are enthused about their work, deeply connected to the organisation and passionate about customers.

We aim to help businesses to improve their wellbeing, reduce absenteeism and help retain good staff.

‘Every organisation has a culture, either by default or design. Understanding your own culture and its limitations is essential if you’re to make improvements.‘

How we help

To achieve success, we run an improvement programme. This comprises of seven areas, including cultural assessments, staff development training and the implementation of behavioural frameworks. Find further information below: 

Cultural audit

Every organisation has a culture, either by default or design. Understanding your own culture and its limitations is essential if you are to make improvements. Often leaders having shaped strategy and set goals, look to build a culture focused on the delivery of those metrics, often creating working environments that lack empathy and personal understanding. Many team members struggle to work under these conditions, leading to absenteeism and high churn.

We run a cultural audit and produce a report for you, illustrating:

  • Where leaders and staff align
  • What staff require to be at their best
  • Areas of strength that can be built on
  • Areas of focus for leadership development

From the insight gathered, we will provide recommendations on the next steps.

Organisational values

Values need to be more than buzz words on a wall, they need to be at the heart of your organisation and your staff must try to keep to them. Many businesses have values, however, they are often not embedded in the day-to-day ways of working and do not use the stories of their staff as the springboard to define what those values should be.

We offer a workshop to enable you to evaluate what really matters – identifying the beliefs that you and your colleagues actually value and then to build those into a simple, yet powerful, set of values.

Leadership development

Developing strong leaders, who can provide positive mentoring to their reports or colleagues is pivotal to a successful business culture. To help we have built a modular development programme, which can be delivered either in a multi-day workshop or in bite-sized sessions spread over a longer period to give leaders the opportunity to put into practice some of their learnings.

Need help?

‘Over time, our aim is to transfer our capabilities to your leaders, to enable them to develop their own teams. There is no one better placed to do this than the managers themselves.’

Leadership coaching

We run as a series of comprehensive 1-2-1 sessions, either virtually or face-to-face, to identify opportunities for growth and development and areas of strength that can be built on.

Staff development

Over time, our aim is to transfer our capabilities to your leaders, to enable them to develop their own teams. There is no one better placed to do this than the managers themselves.

We offer a series of 30 minute modules, that are manager-led. This does not require the leader to be a trainer, just someone who can have a conversation. This means that, very quickly, capability is transferred to managers and reduces the need for on-site delivered training sessions. This saves time and cost. It also builds the credibility of the manager and allows for site attrition, without the need to take everyone back into the ‘classroom’.

Behavioural frameworks

We find that many contact centres have a behavioural framework for speaking to customers but do not have a behavioural framework for their overall organisations. One which takes into account the type of work, people, brand reputation and values.

Once we have accessed a business, we have the skills to be able to help develop an organisations behavioural framework – making sure it perfectly fits to their business’ overall requirements.

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Why work with Contact Centre Panel?

At Contact Centre Panel, we are skilled at assessing and implementing progressive cultural change. We have helped many businesses improve staff Wellbeing and productivity. Our extensive experience of working with a large range of clients, including large multinationals, SMEs and charities, means we have the expertise to help any business.

We can engage at all levels from contact centres to shop floor, entry-level managers to CEOs. We know how to understand you and your organisation. We know how to develop great leadership and improve the wellbeing of all staff.

Are you experiencing high absenteeism and staff attrition rates? Need help motivating your team?

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