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  1. Unicef Case Study – Are your outsourced contact centres Premier League? Ours are!

    At CCP it’s our job to match people who need outsourced Contact Centres to their perfect providers. Unicef approached us earlier this year to help with their high-profile Soccer Aid charity event and we were only too proud to help.

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  2. Robotics Revolution - impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    Robotics Revolution – the impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    In June 2018, we wrote ‘Rise of the Robots’, a short article which struck a chord with many people. Over a year later, we think it’s time to see whether the future we worried about is happening… yet, or at all.

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  3. Mobile phones

    Top 10 customer service failures by mobile phone operators

    Recent research shows that the big three mobile operators are falling short on customer service, in this article we highlight the top customer service complaints.

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  4. How On Earth Do You Choose A Contact Centre?

    How do you choose the right contact centre? Outsourcer selection meets science.

    Selecting the right contact centre for your business can be tricky. We use our knowledge of the market to match clients with the best contact centre for their needs. Whether it’s for customer service, lead generation or outbound sales, one size does NOT fit all!

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  5. Is Voice Dead - A White Paper by The Contact Centre Panel

    Is voice dead? Download our latest white paper

    We work at the heart of the contact centre industry, speaking to leading experts every day. We’ve put this White Paper together to share some of the insights we’ve learned about how the best contact centres are dealing with the relentless pace of change we all face.

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  6. Contact Centre Panel Explainer Video

    Contact Centre Panel – What We Do For Contact Centre Users

    Watch our new Explainer Video here - We are not a call centre, we are independent, objective call centre consultants offering a free of charge consultancy to match up business who need Contact Centres, with the Contact Centres who meet their needs perfectly.

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