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The importance of customer service

The importance of customer service

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has hired additional tax staff to handle calls, in an attempt to improve their “completely unacceptable” customer service. They are also offering more online services to improve their overall performance, after it was revealed that 24% of calls from taxpayers go unanswered.

Customer service is crucial – even for non consumer services. If you are a business with competitors, the quality of your customer service can be a deal breaker for customers.

Loss of customer and profits

If your customers have to deal with poor customer service repeatedly, even the most loyal of customers could leave you for someone better. In turn, poor customer service can damage your brand’s reputation, which could end up costing you existing and potential customers.

Losing customers means losing profits. It’s really that simple. So make sure you take care your customer service is as good as it can possibly be.

Be accessible

Take a leaf out of HMRC’s book and make sure you are accessible. Know your customers and when they are likely to need help, and make sure you are available at those times – either through in-house customer services or a call centre. Keep your FAQ and Help pages updated and relevant, and provide your customers with an easy way to give you feedback.

Knowledge is power

When your customers contact your customer services team, they will generally have questions they can’t find the answers to elsewhere. They are looking for your help, so make sure you are able to give the best possible assistance. Educate your customer service staff and ensure their knowledge of your product is solid. Listen to your customers when they give feedback and adjust accordingly.

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