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Is it the right time to start looking at an ISO accreditation?

Article by David Taylor, Partner Success Manager, Contact Centre Panel

You might be thinking, that ISO thing I’ve heard so many people talking about, what is it? Is it worth it? It’s a conversation I’ve had more than once over the past few months, so let’s explore further:

What is ISO certification?

In layman’s terms, this is the official approval to show that you comply with one of the many international ISO standards that are in place currently.

What does ISO cover?

There are many (and I mean many) different ISO standards available. Covering things from IT Security to Environmental Management.

Do I need to be ISO certified?

The simple answer is no, however, it does truly depend on your current circumstances and future objectives.

When should I be considering ISO certification?

Again, this really does depend on your current circumstances. Many organisations go for a specific ISO certification because their clients demand it or it is required for a particular tender. Some organisations use it as a barometer of how well they are doing, and whether there are certain improvements they need to make.

If you are considering embarking on the ISO certification journey, we would suggest considering three key areas before setting off:

1) Cost: Be prepared to make a commercial commitment as part of the certification process and beyond. Whilst there will be an initial cost for the audit and award of the certificate, most businesses forget to track the cost of the internal resource they will need to engage with for the preparation and delivery of the ISO accreditation.

2) Time: Ensure that you book plenty of time in ahead of the audit date. Use this time to conduct a gap analysis against the standard, ensuring you cover all of the points ahead of the audit. You don’t want to go through this process more than once – it will cost you precious time and money.

3) Internal buyin: There’s nothing more important than to ensure you have all key business stakeholders on board before you set off. Some certifications, such as ISO9001 – Quality Management Systems, will touch upon all areas of the business. Delivering one, strong, united message across your business is pivotal.

Achieving certification may provide increased sales opportunities or identify risk/opportunities you were never aware of. All in all, the benefits that you gain will vary greatly depending on the ISO standard that you implement and the amount of effort you put into it.

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