Contact Centre Panel works at the heart of the Contact Centre industry, speaking to leading experts every day. We’ve put this White Paper together to share some of the insights we’ve learned about how the best Contact Centres are dealing with the relentless pace of change we all face.

In “Is Voice Dead? How Can Outsourcers Keep Pace With The Relentless Pace Of Change In The Contact Centre Industry?” we ask the important questions and discuss the burning issues:

•  What is the most important job a Contact Centre does?
•  How fast are channels switching?
•  Will the phone continue to decline?
•  What is consolidation doing to the shape of the industry?
•  What does the Minimum Wage really mean to Contact Centres?
•  Automation: the rise of the robots
•  Consumer Protection: GDPR and Persistent Misuse Regulations
•  How do you keep ahead?

Who should read this white paper?

You need to read this white paper if:

• You’re a contact centre manager for your in-house team
• You’re responsible for outsourced contact centres for your brand
• You manage customer service for your organisation
• You use outsourced lead generation or sales teams

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This is a free download which we’ve made available to help our industry to keep abreast of the issues that are shaping our future. Download it today and share it with your colleagues. If there are any issues you’d like us to look into, please let us know!
Download our White Paper - Is Voice Dead?

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