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How digital transformation, technology and customer expectation is driving change


Contact centres are under pressure to transform. Tech-savvy customers want the ability to contact companies via their channel of choice.

It’s imperative that call centres connect with customers through their preferred channel; integrating all touchpoints and channels into one platform.

The term omnichannel refers to a consistent relationship and message across all channels.

Omnichannel joins up the dots between each available channel and explains the simultaneous use of two or more channels.

For example, if you have visited a discount site on your mobile device to search for a coupon or money-off voucher whilst at the checkout of a retail store – you have experienced an omnichannel interaction.

Being able to deliver a simple, unified experience across all channels is no easy feat. However, businesses can increase their customer loyalty through omnichannel marketing if correctly executed.

The fundamental principles of customer experience:

  • Meet regulatory requirements
  • Increase sales
  • Reduce cost base
  • Understand our customers more
  • Deliver quality CX
  • Make it easy


What’s going wrong?

In a recent survey, more than a third of contact centre agents indicated that their customers typically need to repeat themselves to multiple agents. Yet, almost two thirds of today’s customers expect a fast, personalised and consistent experience.

  • 39% of customers don’t like having to repeat themselves to multiple agents
  • 40% of contact centres ask customers to repeat themselves to multiple agents
  • 33% of callers say they’re more likely to leave a company if they have to repeat themselves to more
  • 21% of contact centres are unable to locate customers who switch channels to their previous contact

How does omnichannel impact customer experience

Unlike multichannel, omnichannel is channel agnostic; customers receive the same level of support through their one preferred channel of choice without the inconvenience of repeating themselves to various customer service representatives on different channels. The agents will already have access to the information needed.

To be successful, all touchpoints much be considered to provide the best journey between the customer and company.

The 2016 Global Contact Centre Benchmarking Report revealed only a third of businesses were able to track a customer journey across multiple channels.

This critical gap between consumer expectations and contact centre capability majorly impacts company performance.


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