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Continuing Evolution at Contact Centre Panel

CCP - Listening to Build Better Relationships

How we’re listening to clients to make our business even better.

By Phil Kitchen, Director, the Contact Centre Panel

Here at Contact Centre Panel, our job is make sure that clients who need Contact Centre services are matched with the right Partners for them. More than 88% of the business introductions we help make result in loyal, long term relationships. We’re very proud of this, but we know we can’t rest on our laurels… so we’re introducing even better ways to add value to our Client-Partner relationships.

Three Evolutions: Profiling Our Network; Partner Selection and Partner Assessment

  1. Profiling Our Network – Horses For Courses

We work with a Network of over 80 Contact Centres, who have a wide range of excellent skills, specialisms and staff. Each has different technology, compliance /quality processes and experience, as well as size, location and infrastructure. These differences mean that each member of the Network has strengths appropriate for different Client requirements. To make sure that our Client’s needs are precisely met, we’re applying an objective framework towards measuring these important factors, and others. Using a combination of quantitative analysis and more detailed face-to-face interviews, CCP are building a truly objective analysis of the strengths of each member of our Contact Centre Network. Importantly, it also ensures that our Network Members are a safe pair of hands with the appropriate compliance, technology and experience to meet Clients’ needs.

This saves important time and effort for our Clients and our Network members. It results in a meaningful Panel being chosen for every new Client engagement. We’re de-risking the process of selecting the right Partner from the very first step.

  1. Panel Scoring & Partner Selection – The Appliance of Science

CCP has developed a set of tools to help Clients in the decision-making process. We build a shortlisted Panel for every new Client Engagement, matching Client requirements to the Profile data we have about our Network Members. A scientific scoring method is then implemented, which reflects the business solution needed and the operational, commercial and relationship preferences of the Client. The guided scoring mechanism is used by members of the Client’s decision-making team and is applied to each shortlisted Partner.

This fair weighting of the most important criteria results in an auditable, robust analysis of the suitability of each member of the shortlisted Panel. Subjectivity is avoided, and the results provide enormous support to the decision-making process, transparency and validation for Client stakeholders and a mechanism by which to validate the Client’s goals and preferences. It also enables fair and objective feedback to be given to the shortlisted outsourcers about their suitability.

  1. Ongoing Partner Assessment –Marriage Guidance

Although 88% of the Client-Outsourcer partnerships instigated by CCP have resulted in renewals and long-term relationships, we’d like that to be even higher! So, we’re implementing monthly Partner & Client Assessments to monitor that everything is running smoothly. These Assessments are not a view of the KPIs in your relationship – they are a simple, repeatable view of just four important elements of any business relationship. For both parties it offers an opportunity to step away from the day-to-day and make a brief, honest assessment of what really matters.

  • Delivery
  • Metrics & Outputs
  • Client Management
  • Relationship & Loyalty

Completed independently, the results are analysed by CCP and if anything needs to be addressed, we will instigate action to get things back on track. The process aims to identify if there is a disconnect between how the Client perceives the relationship and the outsourcer – so that any disconnect can then be addressed and sorted.

By highlighting any discrepancies in important elements of your outsourcing work, you can rely on CCP to act on issues which, if left untreated, could harm performance, diminish innovation or erode trust. Your relationship stands the best possible chance of continuing successfully for everyone.

How Have We Done This?

To develop this framework, CCP engaged the services of specialist industry consultancy Channel Doctors to help us formalise the process we believe add the greatest value, accountability and objectivity to the selection and ongoing management of Client-Outsourcer relationships. Steve Sullivan of Channel Doctors has this to say:

“CCP, its Clients and Network of Members are all focused on how to identify, acquire and retain customers better. These tasks are reliant on excellent customer engagement and at Channel Doctors we know that the level and quality of engagement between contact centre Client and Partner is just as vital.”

Contact Centre Panel - Building Better Relationships

Why Are We Doing This?

At CCP we are proud to have introduced some the UK’s best businesses to the UK’s best outsourced Contact Centres. Our knowledge of the industry enables us to remove the complexity and the risk from selecting the perfect outsourcing Partner. These improvements to our business processes introduce more traceability to the way we look after our Clients and our Network Members, for the good of everyone involved.

If you’d like any more details about this, or any of our work, call us today on 0114 3030 393.

Become A CCP Network Member

If you are a Contact Centre, why not become a CCP Network Member? It might mean more business for you, or simply better long-term relationships with more suitable clients. Call 0114 3030 393 or email us today.

Become An Introducer

If you’re working in the industry, or alongside organisations with Contact Centre needs you can benefit from becoming a CCP Introducer. With excellent remuneration for you, we do all the work including a no-obligation assessment for your introduced client. Call or email us for more details now.

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