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  1. Finding the right people

    Finding the right people – avoiding the pitfalls of building and maintaining a contact centre team

    One of the biggest challenges for a business is attracting the best talent and then retaining them. In this article we investigate new innovative recruitment techniques and provide top tips on how to get hold of the right people for your organisation.

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  2. The Glassdoor Effect – coping with changing demand without disgruntling your customer service team

    Instant communication makes it possible for great experiences, opportunities and successes to be shared either in an instant. Unfortunately, the same applies to bad news, failures and terrible experiences. This is highlighted not only by Facebook and Instagram, but by employee/employer websites such as
    To avoid potential problems, how do you keep your employees happy when demands on your business might rise and fall significantly?

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  3. Contact Centre Panel help to search for the Top Customer Service Partnership 2019

    Customer service is top of the list when we’re working with our network of contact centres. Excellent customer service experiences are what sets our Network partners apart.
    Top Companies for Customer Service is the UK’s biggest customer service and benchmarking programme, so CCP are only too happy to help them to find and reward the very best companies out there.

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  4. Unicef Case Study – Are your outsourced contact centres Premier League? Ours are!

    At CCP it’s our job to match people who need outsourced Contact Centres to their perfect providers. Unicef approached us earlier this year to help with their high-profile Soccer Aid charity event and we were only too proud to help.

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  5. Robotics Revolution - impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    Robotics Revolution – the impact of AI and automation on Contact Centres and customer service

    In June 2018, we wrote ‘Rise of the Robots’, a short article which struck a chord with many people. Over a year later, we think it’s time to see whether the future we worried about is happening… yet, or at all.

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  6. Mobile phones

    Top 10 customer service failures by mobile phone operators

    Recent research shows that the big three mobile operators are falling short on customer service, in this article we highlight the top customer service complaints.

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  7. How On Earth Do You Choose A Contact Centre?

    How do you choose the right contact centre? Outsourcer selection meets science.

    Selecting the right contact centre for your business can be tricky. We use our knowledge of the market to match clients with the best contact centre for their needs. Whether it’s for customer service, lead generation or outbound sales, one size does NOT fit all!

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  8. Is Voice Dead - A White Paper by The Contact Centre Panel

    Is voice dead? Download our latest white paper

    We work at the heart of the contact centre industry, speaking to leading experts every day. We’ve put this White Paper together to share some of the insights we’ve learned about how the best contact centres are dealing with the relentless pace of change we all face.

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  9. Contact Centre Panel Explainer Video

    Contact Centre Panel – What We Do For Contact Centre Users

    Watch our new Explainer Video here - We are not a call centre, we are independent, objective call centre consultants offering a free of charge consultancy to match up business who need Contact Centres, with the Contact Centres who meet their needs perfectly.

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  10. How to findthe best commercial model for your Contact Centre

    How To Find The Best Commercial Model For Your Contact Centre

    The dynamics around the introduction of automation technologies and planning for the future mean traditional commercial models must be challenged by Contact Centres and clients, to achieve best results. This article explores different ways to pay for Contact Centre services, from pay-per-results to fixed price arrangements, and benefit-sharing ideas.

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  11. Robot Automation

    Digital Disruption: The Impact of AI and Robots on the Contact Centre & Outsourcing Industry.

    Digital Disruption is big news for Contact Centres. Deep learning, Artificial Intelligence and chat bots are on everyone’s lips. What impact is really being felt?
    We spoke to two leading industry experts about the state of digital disruption and dealing with transformative technologies.

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  12. Nearshore Contact Centre

    Offshore & Nearshore: Why You Should Be Considering Contact Centres From Outside The UK.

    We asked leading lights of the Offshore and Nearshore Contact Centre sector to tell us how it’s possible to marry competitive costs and excellent customer service from operations outside the UK.

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  13. Nerys Corfield, Injection Consulting

    The Future for Contact Centres – Insights from Nerys Corfield of Injection Consulting

    We asked Nerys Corfield of Injection Consulting, a leading thinker on the future of UK Contact Centres, to give her own insights on some of the burning issues right now:
    The biggest issues affecting Contact Centres in 2019;
    The in-house versus Outsource conundrum;
    What clients are failing to address when they choose a Contact Centre;
    How Contact Centres can truly improve their performance.

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  14. The CCP Network – Helping SoccerAid for Unicef 2019

    Unicef UK needs call centres and volunteers on the night to help manage incoming donations from supporters by telephone, so The Contact Centre Panel are going to help. In 2018 there were almost 10,000 telephone donations made on the night. This is Unicef UK's most vital source of income and will help us to raise millions of pounds to help keep even more children safe from danger in 2019.

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  15. B2B Contact Centes

    B2B versus B2C – How is Business to Business Contact different to Business to Consumer?

    We consider the differences – and the similarities – between B2B Contact and B2C Contact to establish how B2B specialist Contact Centres can add value to the right business relationships.

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  16. CCP Speaking at the UKCCF Event “Outsourcing – The Landscape and Best Practise” on 12th February 2019. Register Now.

    The Contact Centre Panel's Phil Kitchen will be speaking at UKCCF's event "Outsourcing - The Landscape and Best Practise" on 12th February in Bracknell. Register now for this important event.

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  17. GDPR Compliance Checklist - How is your Contact Cenre doing?

    GDPR – What’s Happened So Far?

    GDPR has been the biggest new change in data regulation to hit the industry… So, what has the impact been on outbound Contact Centres? We talk to industry insiders for an honest view.

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  18. That’s the progress that has been made against the target for rolling out second generation smart meters (“SMETS2”) as highlighted in a damning NAO report this morning ( By Steven Sullivan -Channel Doctors.

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  19. CCP speaking dates at the UK Contact Centre Forum

    The Contact Centre Panel with UK Contact Centre Forum & DBMH will deliver a series of talks in 2019 for companies who are either outsourcing Contact Centre work, or considering this as an option. Read on for dates and details.

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  20. What Lies Ahead? – How The Outsourcing Landscape Is Changing

    This article aims to bring together just some of the key findings from Contact Centre industry research we’ve been reading in 2018. These facts and figures should be useful in your own planning for the future… after all, as the phrase goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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  21. Contact Centre Considerations – For Retail

    Retail in the UK is going through a very challenging time. The inexorable march of progress means that many established retailers are suffering as their business models struggle to adapt to changes in buying behaviour, coupled to a challenging economy. What do retailers need to do with their Contact Centres to succeed?

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  22. Come and Join us on the 6th November 2018.

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  23. Thats our number of the week-By Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors.

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  24. CCP - Listening to Build Better Relationships

    Continuing Evolution at Contact Centre Panel

    Over 88% of the business introductions Contact Centre Panel make result in loyal, long term relationships. But we know we can’t rest on our laurels so we’re introducing better ways to add value to Client-Partner relationships.

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  25. Ofcom’s New Rules Changes (Not Just for Telecoms Providers…!) By the Insightfull Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  26. Vulnerable Call Centre Customers

    Does Your Call Centre Do A Good Job With Vulnerable Customers?

    Whether your business is in sales, customer service or any other, Call Centres deal with customers from all parts of society. By nature, customers are most likely to call when there is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Vulnerable customers often begin their interaction with your Call Centre from a place of frustration, so it’s important that you’re well equipped to deal with them and leave them with a good experience.

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  27. Call Centre Confusion

    Call Centre Confusion: New Research Shows Widespread Confusion Over Ofcom’s Outbound Calling Regulations by Steve Sullivan, Channel Doctors

    Whilst the real rogue nuisance callers have probably never paid any heed to Ofcom’s regulations, legitimate contact centres and brands still don’t understand the regulations. This is a major concern for us all in the Contact Centre sector.

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  28. The Biggest IT Innovations Affecting Call Centres Today

    The Biggest IT Innovations Affecting Call Centres Today

    2018's Biggest IT Innovations in Call Centres:
    1. Chat Bots
    2. Self Service
    3. Two-Way Social Media
    4. Remote Agents
    5. Omni-Channel Communications
    6. Powerful Analytics
    Read on to find out more...

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  29. 5 Top Trends In Contact Centres in 2018

    CCP's 5 Top Trends in Contact Centres in 2018:
    1. Customer Experience
    2. First Call Resolution
    3. Multi-Channel Consistency
    4. The Cloud
    5. Phone Calls Are Still Essential
    ... Read about it here.

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  30. Improve Your Performance Through Learning & Development

    Engaging your staff to maximise your results: Having engaged, well trained agents is essential if your Contact Centre is going to deliver consistently good results to your clients.

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  31. Are you ready for the Summer Challenge?

    Summer Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be – Is Your Contact Centre Ready?

    While the UK enjoys some fantastic weather, Summer brings challenges for Contact Centres and in-house contact teams alike, which all clients need to be ready for: agent attrition and absenteeism.

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  32. Rise of the Robots - Really?

    Rise Of The Robots?

    In a recent Guardian article, an attention-grabbing headline suggested that the increasing use of automation and artificial intelligence “threatens to terminate the UK call centre workforce”. At CCP we thought we should take a careful look behind the headlines…

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  33. GDPR: So, nobody died, but… By Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  34. The GDPR week #23 – Will GDPR make me a millionaire? by Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors

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  35. Week #21. Going Dutch – a GDPR Sanity Check-By Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  36. GDPR Week#20: Where in the world is that data? -By Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  37. Week #19 – GDPR & the customer experience frontline (part 1) -By Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors

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  38. Week #18 – So, you’re the GDPR expert, right?-By Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  39. GDPR Week #17 – What’s black & white and never read?- By Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.

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  40. Culture in your call centre, which one do you go for?

    Contact centres continue to look at ways to reduce call volumes and improve customer experience and first call resolution, but this needs an improved culture to go with it...

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  41. GDPR Week #16 – Show Your Workings-By Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors.

    Documentation / Show Your Working

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  42. GDPR Week #15 – Shhh! It’s Data Portability- By Steve Sullivan-Channel Partners.

    One of the 8 rights of data subjects (that's prospects and customers to you and me) is that of Data Portability -

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  43. GDPR Week #14 – Erasing, Forgetting and Remembering by Steve Sullivan- Channel Doctors.

    The Right to Erasure is one of the 8 key rights for data subjects enshrined in the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill (

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  44. car park

    Worst customer service firms in 2017

    During 2017, Guardian Money received more complaints than ever before. They’ve published an annual roundup of the customer service issues faced by readers over the past 12 months.

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  45. GDPR Week #13 – Still no such thing as a free lunch…

    ...but there can - and must - now be a free download.

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  46. Nerys Corfield

    Spotlight on Nerys Corfield

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  47. The GDPR Week #12 – Look what you’ve done! by Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors

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  48. Partnerships

    Finding the right outsourcer for your company

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  49. The GDPR, week #11 – 3 simple questions…by Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors

    Right, it's whiteboard or flip-chart time again! Round up the usual suspects - sales, marketing, data and CRM heads, proposition owners, customer experience, technology - and get them to answer a couple of questions:

    What customer personal data do we (or have we in the past) capture?
    Where's that personal data held?

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  50. The GDPR, week #10 by Steve Sullivan of Channel Doctors. The kids are alright, aren’t they?

    Most organisations that are commercially driven and looking to acquire and develop customers will be focused on adults. So that probably also applies to you, but with some significant variations dependent on the sector you're working in. As far as the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill that's making it's way through Parliament are concerned, no-one under the age of 13 can provide consent (which if you are planning to market to them is your most likely basis for processing their data). And for under 13s their parents or guardians should be responsible for providing consent - with exceptions for specific services like counselling, etc.

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  51. The GDPR, week #9 – What’s integral to marketing and is a lot like mushrooms?

    As the last two weeks' pieces of guidance about preparing for the GDPR and new Data Protection Act have been quite dry - looking at contracts and insurance - this week you can have some light relief.

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  52. list writing

    GDPR: Just One Thing This Week… Step 1 – Write A List

    Working with our good friends at Channel Doctors, experts in the field of GDPR, we are going to look at this area from the perspective of those delivering customer experience. We aim to split up what might look like an unmanageable set of deliverables into bite-sized areas/weekly tasks.

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  53. paper files

    GDPR: Just One Thing This Week…What’s inside the battered cardboard box?

    Working with our good friends at Channel Doctors, experts in the field of GDPR, we are going to look at this area from the perspective of those delivering customer experience. We aim to split up what might look like an unmanageable set of deliverables into bite-sized areas/weekly tasks.

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  54. GDPR: Just One Thing This Week…GDPR and your worklife balance

    Working with our good friends at Channel Doctors, experts in the field of GDPR, we are going to look at this area from the perspective of those delivering customer experience. We aim to split up what might look like an unmanageable set of deliverables into bite-sized areas/weekly tasks.

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  55. Workforce management and engagement in a digital world

    Today’s workforce are digital natives. As employees, they expect a collaborative, flexible, motivating, purposeful and inclusive working environment.

    Contact centres who get digital leadership right perform better, have more engaged and happy employees.

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  56. GDPR: Just One Thing This Week…Know your SARs from your elbow

    Working with our good friends at Channel Doctors, experts in the field of GDPR, we are going to look at this area from the perspective of those delivering customer experience. We aim to split up what might look like an unmanageable set of deliverables into bite-sized areas/weekly tasks.

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  57. 5 reasons why buying a house is similar to ‘buying’ an outsourced contact centre.

    5 reasons why buying a house is similar to ‘buying’ an outsourced contact centre

    In this blog Nerys Corefield explores why outsourcing your contact centre is similar to buying a house.

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  58. GDPR: Just One Thing This Week… Let’s start at the beginning

    Working with our good friends at Channel Doctors, experts in the field of GDPR, we are going to look at this area from the perspective of those delivering customer experience. We aim to split up what might look like an unmanageable set of deliverables into bite-sized areas/weekly tasks.

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  59. Transforming customer experience and delivering operational excellence

    Contact centres have transformed to focus on customer engagement within the brand’s strategy. Increasingly, companies are recognising the importance delivering exceptional customer service to win long-term loyalty and increase retention.

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  60. mobile communication devices

    Contact centres can help your business in our changing digital and mobile world

    For contact centres, seamless communication is essential to enhance customer experience.

    An engaged customer is more loyal, 90% of them buy more frequently and 60% increase their spend, delivering three times more value to a company

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  61. Using technology to reduce cost and increase customer satisfaction

    Call centres face a big challenge when it comes to reducing cost to serve without compromising service quality and customer experience.

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  62. How digital transformation, technology and customer expectation is driving change

    Contact centres are under pressure to transform. Tech-savvy customers want the ability to contact companies via their channel of choice.

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  63. GDPR: data processors and data controllers – are you ready?

    Call centre service providers should now be making essential preparations for GDPR: the EU’s new General Data Protection Regulation which officially takes effect May 25th, 2018 through a new Data Protection Act.

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  64. Customer data spreadsheet

    Preparing your business for GDPR

    Next May, General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) will be introduced to the UK. Is your company prepared for the new legislation?

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  65. What are the benefits of off and near shore call centres?

    Finding the best possible offshore and nearshore call centre provider is vitally important to the success of your business. These call centres aren’t a fit for every company and their required operations. However, the cost savings are substantial and often worthy of consideration.

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  66. Phone

    Silent calls – Is your call centre compliant?

    The CCP network can help you find a call centre that can help you target customers in a more effective way. Whilst diallers, when used correctly, can provide great results they may not be the right approach for your business and you don't want to fall foul of fines relating to Silent Calls

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  67. What does GDPR mean for your business?

    A new data privacy law, GPPR, will be implemented in May 2018… so what does this mean for your business?

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  68. Give your customers chat

    Give your customers chat

    If you are not offering live chat as a part of your customer service, here are some numbers to consider.

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  69. Useful resource for marketing officers

    Useful resource for marketing officers

    A useful resource for chief marketing officers to help you measure and explain the value of your campaigns.

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  70. The importance of customer service

    The importance of customer service

    HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has hired additional tax staff to handle calls, in an attempt to improve their “completely unacceptable” customer service.

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