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Workforce management and engagement in a digital world


Today’s workforce are digital natives. As employees, they expect a collaborative, flexible, motivating, purposeful and inclusive working environment.

Contact centres who get digital leadership right perform better, have more engaged and happy employees.

“If you look after your staff, they’ll look after your customers. It’s that simple”

Richard Branson

What is the perfect workforce management workflow?

To achieve an optimum workforce you need to assigning the right employees, give them the right skills and training at the right time. This will help you achieve your desired service levels at the lowest cost.

While contact centres focus on increasing sales and their product or service offering, the workforce are often neglected. Yet human resources remain a fundamental element to improving productivity.

One of the problems contact centres face is justifying a business case for investing in employees and new ways of working. Many organisations don’t define employee productivity and as a result they don’t have data to measure performance.

Changing priorities

Employees are motivated by different things. For some, it is all about financial gains, whilst others are looking for challenges and progression.

This is where technology plays a part. Linking data with human resources can result in employers planning ways to drive employee engagement based on employee experience.

Challenges facing workforce management:
  • Omnichannel
  • Millennial workforce
  • Analytics / big data
  • Employee engagement

Millennials believe in ‘life after work’

Three out of four millennials say that work life balance is the primary driver of their career choice.

Top three factors for millennials when choosing a job:
  1. Good work life balance
  2. Opportunity to progress
  3. Flexibility / remote working
What do employees want?
  1. Flexible shift options
  2. Instant decisions
  3. Access to performance
  4. Visibility and mobility
  5. Self-scheduling
  6. Gamification

38% of millennials don’t expect to stay in their job more than three years

In today’s digital world, employees still have a crucial role to play. Attempts to automate the employee out of the customer service equation have not been successful. Contact centres need to find the right balance between technology and employee satisfaction to achieve success.

Today customers who are frustrated with multiple telephone menu options, or who have difficulty reaching a customer service agent, can and will easily go elsewhere. Contact centres need to focus on employee retention, especially when an investment has been made in that employee.

The ability to offer live customer engagement options remains a powerful differentiator. Contact centres simply need to think smarter about how and when their critical human resources are deployed.

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