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  1. Vulnerable Call Centre Customers

    Does Your Call Centre Do A Good Job With Vulnerable Customers?

    Whether your business is in sales, customer service or any other, Call Centres deal with customers from all parts of society. By nature, customers are most likely to call when there is an issue that needs to be dealt with. Vulnerable customers often begin their interaction with your Call Centre from a place of frustration, so it’s important that you’re well equipped to deal with them and leave them with a good experience.

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  2. Call Centre Confusion

    Call Centre Confusion: New Research Shows Widespread Confusion Over Ofcom’s Outbound Calling Regulations by Steve Sullivan, Channel Doctors

    Whilst the real rogue nuisance callers have probably never paid any heed to Ofcom’s regulations, legitimate contact centres and brands still don’t understand the regulations. This is a major concern for us all in the Contact Centre sector.

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  3. The Biggest IT Innovations Affecting Call Centres Today

    The Biggest IT Innovations Affecting Call Centres Today

    2018's Biggest IT Innovations in Call Centres:
    1. Chat Bots
    2. Self Service
    3. Two-Way Social Media
    4. Remote Agents
    5. Omni-Channel Communications
    6. Powerful Analytics
    Read on to find out more...

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  4. 5 Top Trends In Contact Centres in 2018

    CCP's 5 Top Trends in Contact Centres in 2018:
    1. Customer Experience
    2. First Call Resolution
    3. Multi-Channel Consistency
    4. The Cloud
    5. Phone Calls Are Still Essential
    ... Read about it here.

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  5. Improve Your Performance Through Learning & Development

    Engaging your staff to maximise your results: Having engaged, well trained agents is essential if your Contact Centre is going to deliver consistently good results to your clients.

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  6. Are you ready for the Summer Challenge?

    Summer Isn’t All It’s Cracked Up To Be – Is Your Contact Centre Ready?

    While the UK enjoys some fantastic weather, Summer brings challenges for Contact Centres and in-house contact teams alike, which all clients need to be ready for: agent attrition and absenteeism.

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