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  1. GDPR Week #16 – Show Your Workings-By Steve Sullivan-Channel Doctors.

    Documentation / Show Your Working

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  2. GDPR Week #15 – Shhh! It’s Data Portability- By Steve Sullivan-Channel Partners.

    One of the 8 rights of data subjects (that's prospects and customers to you and me) is that of Data Portability -

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  3. GDPR Week #14 – Erasing, Forgetting and Remembering by Steve Sullivan- Channel Doctors.

    The Right to Erasure is one of the 8 key rights for data subjects enshrined in the GDPR and the Data Protection Bill (

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  4. car park

    Worst customer service firms in 2017

    During 2017, Guardian Money received more complaints than ever before. They’ve published an annual roundup of the customer service issues faced by readers over the past 12 months.

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  5. GDPR Week #13 – Still no such thing as a free lunch…

    ...but there can - and must - now be a free download.

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  6. Nerys Corfield

    Spotlight on Nerys Corfield

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