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Ofcom’s New Rules Changes (Not Just for Telecoms Providers…!) By the Insightfull Steve Sullivan Channel Doctors.


ust what you need on a Monday, a set of new regulatory requirements…

Today’s are from Ofcom. Full details are available on their website and we were all warned that they were on their way in July, so no excuses!

Just in case you aren’t up to speed with the changes and what it might mean to your business, there’s a brief summary below.

However, here are a few key questions you should consider – even if you’re not telecoms provider:

  • If you outsource or sub-contract outbound calling, are you confident that the caller ID numbers used are all valid and can be called back by your customers and prospects? 
  • If you are re-selling phone numbers do you really know what your clients are doing with the numbers you provide them with? The ICO has already focused more and more on tracking rogue phone activities through the numbers used and now Ofcom says they will target the ‘suppliers’ of the numbers. Ignorance of your clients’ activities will not be an excuse!
  • How are your contact centre agents incentivised to save customers who are threatening to cancel? Might the measures you currently have in place be regarded as encouraging “poor behaviour” – and are your non-voice cancellation journeys creating barriers for customers who want to leave?
  • What is vulnerability? Would your staff recognise it when they see or hear it? (the DMA Contact Centre Council pioneered some innovative work in this area, so if you need some help this contact centre guidance would be a great place to start:

If you’d like to discuss Ofcom’s changes and understand if you’re in a good place to reflect them, feel free to get in 

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