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The GDPR, week #9 – What’s integral to marketing and is a lot like mushrooms?


The GDPR, week #9 – What’s integral to marketing and is a lot like mushrooms?

Steve Sullivan

If you recall in Week #6 ( we asked you to set up new email address. Now, we’d like you to go online and start searching for products and services like those your organisation provides. If you have click through or sign-ups complete them. At the same time, go onto some competition sites and see if you can win a Dyson, iPhone X or a Mini Cooper. (You may need to ensure that you’re not blocking pop-ups and disable ad blockers in order to give the lead generators a decent chance, here).

Then just sit back and wait.

Just as mushrooms appear as if by magic overnight in misty fields, traditional direct marketing prospect data also seemed to emerge from nowhere. Nowadays a lot of it comes from online sign-ups. Sadly, the individuals whose personal data goes on to be sold for prospect marketing haven’t always given their clear, specific and unambiguous consent. Even more so under the new Data Protection Act, you will be responsible for ensuring this isn’t the case with any third party data your organisation uses for its marketing.

With luck your new email address will rarely receive marketing contacts in future as a result of your online activity – or at least only from those organisations you expressed an interest in. But I doubt it!

Let us know how you get on…

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