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GDPR: Just One Thing This Week… Let’s start at the beginning


The GDPR & new Data Protection Act – Let’s start at the beginning

If you’re new to the world of the GDPR and the UK’s planned new 2018 Data Protection Act, you may be feeling a bit overwhelmed by conflicting advice, scary predictions and not knowing where to start.

To try and help we’re going to start sharing snippets of advice – especially from the perspective of those responsible for delivering their organisation’s customer experience – once a week.

Inspired by Homeserve’s Richard Merrygold, who invoked the image of an elephant to describe the GDPR at the Direct Marketing Association’s Data conference in September, we might be able to help you tackle it one bite at a time.

So here’s a great place to start:

The Information Commissioner’s Office’s 12-step guide to Preparing for the GDPR. It’s not terribly up to date and won’t answer your more detailed questions, but it’s easy-to-understand and provides some clear next steps.

More thoughts next week

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