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Finding the right outsourcer for your company


Selecting the right partner to deliver customer interaction, sales or customer experience has a big impact on your company’s strength and efficiency for the months and even years ahead.

So, making a well informed choice is crucial and selecting the wrong partner could be detrimental to the health of your business.

The right outsourcer to use depends on a range of criteria and one way this could be assessed is through a Request for Information (RFI).

Once every outsourcing company returns their responses to your RFI, it is vital to narrow your search based on your outlined criteria. But how

Work with a checklist – map out a range of criteria including:

  • Overall company: Are they a good fit for you? Can they deliver the skills you need? Would they be able to adapt to changing business needs in the future?
  • People: Look at staff attrition rates, employee benefits and personnel retention activities. It’s also worthwhile to check employee engagement in company life on the company blog and via social media.
  • Company capabilities: Can they operate across a variety of platforms, technologies and languages? It is also worth considering the methodologies and frameworks used by each company.
  • Experience and reliability: Does the company’ experience fit your needs? Look for examples of previous work they’ve done with relatable successes. If you’re still unsure, contact a business featured in their case studies and ask some questions.
  • Infrastructure: Have they got sufficient space? The added bonus of meetings rooms and parking facilities, modern equipment etc. It is also important to check if the building is owned by the outsourcing company – this is added security.
  • Communication: Communication is crucial so check the knowledge of common language, cultural proximity, overlaps in working hours and standard communication channels (e.g. Skype, teleconferencing or video calling), preferably those used already by your company.
  • Commercials: Is the supplier’s commercial model relevant to the needs of your contact centre? What IP and copyright policies do they have on board? Are their processes streamlined for the ease of doing business? Would the cooperation be cost efficient.
  • Location: Consider the geopolitical and economic stability of the countries and how easy it would be for you to visit them, or for them to visit you. And what will it cost.
  • Risk Management: Carry out an assessment of each outsourcing company’s business continuity policies; address audit controls, the security of data, equipment and buildings and the transparency of the company.

Selecting an outsourcing partner is a long-term decision so choose carefully. At CCP we are proud that 88% of the clients we have partnered with outsourcers are still working with those clients.


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