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What are the benefits of off and near shore call centres?


What are offshore and nearshore call centres?

Many companies use call centres located outside of the UK to operate and manage their communication with customers or prospects – these are commonly known in the industry as off and nearshore call centres.

Where are these call centres located?

Call centres in low-cost, developing countries such as Eastern Europe, The Philippines, India and Latin America are often ideal for:

  • Consumerlead generation or sales with very large targets/lists
  • High volume / low level multi – channel customer support
  • Back-office functions like transcription, chat, and online research
  • Functions that involve low margin products/services

Call centres in higher cost, developed countries like the USA, Australia and Western Europe  are often ideal for:

  • Sales or lead Generation with a finite database
  • Higher value inbound support
  • Low volume inbound or outbound
  • Functions that involve higher margin products/services

Higher priced call centres remain a success due to the ongoing demand from companies who require the best possible service and staff.

What are the key benefits of off or nearshore partnership?

  • Reducing costs – overheads and labour can be significantly less offshore
  • Time saving – HR is handled for you. External service providers typically manage recruitment and training.
  • 24/7, 365 customer service, often for a fraction of the price of onshore
  • Handling of overflow call volume – giving an external service provider the responsibility of answering inbound calls during busy periods
  • Increase business continuity – If your provider guarantees 100% uptime, has servers located in multiple geographic locations and a dedicated team to ensure call quality,
  • you can be more confident with the ability to meet your customer demand.


Offshore / nearshore outsourcing is often a successful choice for businesses who want to cut costs and increase efficiency. However, it’s not always the ideal option for all companies – there is often negativity associated with these call centres, including:

  • Decreased customer satisfaction
  • Linguistic and cultural barriers
  • Unfamiliarity of company culture and values
  • Security and privacy and legislative concerns (please refer to separate article – legislation and off / near shore partnerships)
  • An increase in management time and associated costs for the client

CCP is finding that more clients are looking to deliver onshore, nearshore and off shore options / continuity via the same partner, aiding brand continuity / service levels and reducing the client’s management time. Our broad network allows us to deliver that solution for clients. For example, we have held the hand of a utility company who have just gone through this process and selected an outsource partner who can effectively deliver a multi -channel option in the UK and can work more work to nearshore centres as volumes increase and the partnership develops. Additionally, we provided  in country management resource. This reduces nervousness, supports the clients often limited management resource and reduces the clients cost.

Finding the best possible offshore and nearshore call centre provider is vitally important to the success of your business. These call centres aren’t a fit for every company and their required operations. However, the cost savings are substantial and often worthy of consideration.

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