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5 Top Trends In Contact Centres in 2018


Embrace change to stay ahead of your game!

By Phil Kitchen, Director, the Contact Centre Panel

Here at CCP we need to know what makes a great Call Centre, because it’s our business to match great Call Centres to businesses who need them. We’re always reading about the trends in the Call Centre industry to stay on top of our game, so here are some of the most important things we’ve seen so far in 2018. For some deeper reading, check out the links through the article and the list at the bottom of the page…

Five Top Trends in Contact Centres in 2018

Keeping this list down to five was a challenge, but we’re nothing if not determined so here are our Top 5 Trends to be aware of. Not everything in this list will be new, but they will all be important! If you’re not on top of any of these, or your Contact Centre isn’t showing they’re adapting to them, just contact us and we can help.

  1. Customer Experience is King. Over four years, the number of customers who changed suppliers as a result of bad customer experience rose from 59% to 89% according to Harris Interactive. Your customers will not tolerate poor Customer Experience. Already 60% of people regularly pay more for a better Customer Experience. As customers become increasingly discerning, you are more likely to lose customers if your CX is not good enough. It’s not about the cost, it’s about the experience.
  2. First Call Resolution is your Customer’s Priority. It’s sometimes difficult to know what’s most important to your customers. Whatever channel is used, 70% of customers rated “Issue resolved first time you contact support” as important, scoring above the time taken to resolve the issue, on hold time, knowledge and friendliness of agents. Your Contact Centre needs to monitor and manage this metric carefully across all the service channels it uses.
  3. Be Consistent Across All Your Service Channels. According to Incite Group’s research, issue resolution via Social channels gets a higher rate of satisfaction than more traditional Contact Centre-based channels. How you outsource your Customer Service and how consistent your approach is can dramatically affect not only your customer’s happiness, but the positive or negative repercussions… If you resolve an issue on Twitter or Facebook, your customer is much more likely to share that experience instantly. Exactly the same is even more likely to happen if you fail!
  4. Embrace The Cloud. Moving away from the site-based infrastructure of old continues to be a difficult process for many Contact Centres. Bandwidth challenges for voice and data, the very real demands of effective call-handling and the critical nature of Customer Service are all good reasons for keeping things under the watchful eye of a team in one location… However, seismic shifts in cloud system capabilities increasingly mean that it’s possible to maximise the benefits of a more distributed approach like flexibility, scalability and reducing capital spending. The Contact Centres of the future are less likely to be centres, but systemised teams utilising cloud-based management tools.
  5. Phone Calls Are Still Essential. Nobody can doubt the huge growth in non-phone channels and their usefulness. Email, chat, social media, artificial intelligence and other emerging channels are reducing the demand for time on the telephone. Surprisingly though, the phone line is still your customers’ preferred way to communicate with you. 85% of customers believe that speaking to a person is the best way to get an issue resolved quickly; 46% value the telephone as the best way to make a complaint (and this gives you an opportunity to resolve it!); and 30% think the best way to get the correct information or resolution is through a voice conversation. So, despite forecasts that 85% of customer interactions will be possible without human-to-human interaction by 2020, phone calls will be needed for a long time yet!

If these 5 have whetted your appetite for more, think about the articles listed here, and the papers that they’re based on. They will definitely give you some food for thought:

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How Can CCP Help You Take Advantage of These Trends?

At Contact Centre Panel, it’s our job to help businesses work with the Contact Centres that match their needs perfectly. We’re very proud that 88% of the relationships we set up are renewed after their first contacted period. This loyalty and stickiness is important to us because it proves that we’re helping companies to find the right partners.

To find out more about working with the perfect partner for your business, give us a call here at Contact Centre Panel on 0114 3030 393 or contact us using the form on our website.


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