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  1. GDPR Compliance Checklist - How is your Contact Cenre doing?

    GDPR – What’s Happened So Far?

    GDPR has been the biggest new change in data regulation to hit the industry… So, what has the impact been on outbound Contact Centres? We talk to industry insiders for an honest view.

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  2. That’s the progress that has been made against the target for rolling out second generation smart meters (“SMETS2”) as highlighted in a damning NAO report this morning ( By Steven Sullivan -Channel Doctors.

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  3. CCP speaking dates at the UK Contact Centre Forum

    The Contact Centre Panel with UK Contact Centre Forum & DBMH will deliver a series of talks in 2019 for companies who are either outsourcing Contact Centre work, or considering this as an option. Read on for dates and details.

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  4. What Lies Ahead? – How The Outsourcing Landscape Is Changing

    This article aims to bring together just some of the key findings from Contact Centre industry research we’ve been reading in 2018. These facts and figures should be useful in your own planning for the future… after all, as the phrase goes, failing to prepare is preparing to fail!

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  5. Contact Centre Considerations – For Retail

    Retail in the UK is going through a very challenging time. The inexorable march of progress means that many established retailers are suffering as their business models struggle to adapt to changes in buying behaviour, coupled to a challenging economy. What do retailers need to do with their Contact Centres to succeed?

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  6. Come and Join us on the 6th November 2018.

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